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Phantom IV front

Won me a 3rd place prise at the first annual photography competition. Why not !

This motor car is one of the rarest in the world. Only 17 Phantom IV models were ever manufactured exclusively for Heads of State.

They Incorporated the latest luxury and technical achievements and were made entirely by hand and by special order for the British Royal Family, General Franco of Spain, the Agha Khan, as well as the Kuwaiti and Iraqi Royal Families.

Two similar cars with ‘Hooper’ coach work were ordered for the coronation of King Faisal II of Iraq in 1953. However this example was in England undergoing service work when the revolt took place, and it was sold eventually to the USA. But 50 years later, it was brought back to Jordan, joining the other Hashimite cars of that period. The other example remains in Iraq. The interior is completely original while the exterior was repainted.

Country of Origin : UK

Cylinders : 8

Engine size : 5700 cc

Transmission : 4-speed manual


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