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    Mercedes-Benz SL300 Roadster – 1957

    May 26, 2012  by Administrator  •  Royal Auto Museum

    After the great success of the 300SL “Gullwing”, Mercedes-Benz produced this convertible version based on the same chassis and engine. The suspension was greatly improved for better handling and the car was much easier to driver. This model was the first Mercedes to get disc brakes in 1958.

    Wit their quality, looks, and performance, these convertible models became extremely popular ‘super cars’ of the 1950’s and are rate collectables today. Around 1700 examples were produced though 1962.

    Country of origin : Germany

    Cylinders : 6

    Engine size : 2996 cc

    Transmission : 4-speed manual

    Horsepower : 215 bhp

    Top Speed : 210 km/h